Shade Grown Organic Coffee

Growing coffee the organic way also means using shade-grown or rainforest-grown methods.  This allows coffee plants to flourish as a natural part of the understory in tropical rainforests.  In effect, the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem is encouraged and protected – while the flavor and nutritive benefits of coffee increase.


Each time you drink a cup of coffee made from one of our blends, you’re getting the best locally grown coffee, helping out the local producers and the environment all in one.


Fresh Start "Shade-Grown" Organic Coffee Blends:  Negros Island Rainforest Coffee

Negros Island Rainforest Coffee is made from coffee trees planted by various mountain communities in the remaining forested areas of Negros Occidental, including Sag-ang in La Castellana and Yubo in La Carlota.  The production process follows organic coffee standards and protocol for quality control, assuring you that it is grown naturally. Our varieties are certified organic by NICERT, with a production process traceable from coffee to cup.  We grow our coffee trees organically, without using chemicals or pesticides.


Every time you sip a cup of our Shade-grown Coffee, you become an integral part of the following benefits:

- The growth of natural biodiversity in the rainforests

- The formation of healthier soil

- The increase of forest cover

- Protection of watersheds

- Contributing to the fight against climate change

- Allowing small farmers to lessen production costs

- Preventing small farmers from being exposed to toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers

- Providing means of additional income for the coffee farmers (such as fruits and nuts)


This ensures the growth of biodiversity and healthy soils.  Because we promote “shade-grown” coffee trees, we are also supporting the increase of forest covers and protect our watershed areas.


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