Organic Baby Products

Harsh synthetics have no place on baby's delicate skin.

These natural and organic baby products are specially formulated to suit the sensitive skin of baby. The ingredients are extracted from organic plant oils and extracts. They are free from chemical ingredients and leaves no danger to baby.

Each product is carefully evaluated to ensure the ingredient has no harsh or harmful chemicals, pesticides or synthetics.

Free from: SLAs, SLSs, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance, Petroleum and Preservatives!

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  • Mom & Baby's Balm

    Mom & Baby's Balm

    A rich blend of essential oils that acts as a daily barrier cream which is gentle even for baby's skin
  • Sniffle's Balm

    Sniffle's Balm

    Is made with organic essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree and Manila Elemi which helps deliver natural healing and is effective in the relief of baby's cough and cold symptoms.
  • Organic Baby Oil

    Organic Baby Oil

    Is made from organic and natural oil that plays an integral part on baby's regimen and is indispensible for caring on baby's skin.
  • Baby Cleaner

    Baby Cleaner

    A calming sanitizer made from natural plant extract proven to be safe for babies
  • Bug Away Moisturizing Cream

    Bug Away Moisturizing Cream

    Doesn't contain other synthetic chemicals which is safe for the entire family and effective in keeping the bug away for hours
  • Baby Lotion

    Baby Lotion

    A natural baby lotion that is made carefully from very high quality natural ingredients to be safe for baby's skin

9 Item(s)

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