Milea Mineral Make-up

Milea Mineral Make-up looks like powder, feels like a cream and buffs on like silk, giving the skin a natural luminosity. It is free of preservatives, talk, oil, fragrance and other harmful chemicals which may irritate and damage the skin.  It is suitable for every skin type, skin tone and when you use it, it feels like having no make-up at all. It blends well to the skin allowing your skin to breathe.

Milea Mineral Make-up is made from micronized mineral pigments that give long lasting coverage. It contains all natural micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which provides sun protation without irritating chemical. These ingredients are non-allergenic and are a natural sun protection for all skin types.

Remember to use the make-up sparingly. They are extremely intense and only requires a small amount to be put on the skin.  Try altering your application technique and you can completely change the look and feel of mineral make up. The eye shadows can be used on the eyes as well as on the lips and face, the blushes and shimmers can be used on the eyes and body, the foundation can be used on the lips, and so on.

Try Milea Mineral makeup now, feel and see the magic!

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  • Powder Concealer

    Powder Concealer

    Available in three shades: Light, Medium and Dark
  • Powder Finisher

    Powder Finisher

    Available in 6 color shades: Bronzer Light, Bronzer Medium, Bronzer Dark, Pink Glow, Star Dust and Shimmering
  • Powder Blusher

    Powder Blusher

    Applied to skin to instantly liven up your complexion, leaving a youthful healthy glow; Available in 4 shades: Peach, Berries, Rose and Sienna.
  • Powder Foundation

    Powder Foundation

    Covers your skin evenly, leaving a smooth and even texture; Available in 6 colors: Nude, Beige, Flax, Almond, Tan
  • Shimmering Lip Tint

    Shimmering Lip Tint

    Makes your lips luscious and supple with brilliant colors; Available in Cherry Red, Caramel, Cosmic Pink, Pink Salmon
  • Mineral Eye Shadows

    Mineral Eye Shadows

    Complements your eyes with its different shades from Light colored to True colored; Dark Colored to Matte Colored and also shiny Metallic Shades
  • Moisturizing Lip Pot

    Moisturizing Lip Pot

    Each pot is super smooth and leaves a luscious colors that accentuates and moisturize the lips; Available in Rose, Burgundy, Chocolate, Copper, Hot Pink and Passion Orange
  • Mineral Makeup - Metallic Eyeshadows

    Mineral Makeup - Metallic Eyeshadows

    Available in 12 different sparkling colors that you can mix and match to exquisitely make your eyes sparkle

8 Item(s)

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