Food and Drinks

This section of the store sells purely organic foods and drinks. The organic products such as wine and coffee which undergoes the natural process of production, guaranteed to be healthy and chemical free.

Our organic coffee are naturally shade grown under the rain forrest of Mt. Kanla-on and so is our organic wine made from bignay and pineapple flavors fermented and processed naturally without any chemical enhancers nor preservatives.

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  • Coconut Sugar

    Coconut Sugar

    Coconut sap sugar, pure evaporated coconut nectar.
  • Organic Fruits in Honey

    Organic Fruits in Honey

    Are freshly picked and organically grown fruits, preserved well in wild honey to serve its health purpose.; it comes in three variants: Bignay in Honey, Yacon in Honey and Rambutan in Honey.
  • Pickled Organic Fruits and Vegetables

    Pickled Organic Fruits and Vegetables

    Made from Organic fruits and vegetables, preserved naturally to enhance its flavor and taste; Available in Squash and Papaya
  • Bogsbrew Beer (Organic Beer)

    Bogsbrew Beer (Organic Beer)

    Is purely organic made with muscovado and refined Negros sugar bathed in Negros Spring Water
  • Mascobado Sugar

    Mascobado Sugar

    Doesn't undergo the refining process that's why it retains all the original nutritive properties of sugar
  • Masco Rocks

    Masco Rocks

    Made from muscovado sugar but is in the form of rocks; This is best as an added sweetener or can be chewed as candy.
  • Organic Salad Greens

    Organic Salad Greens

    Crisp organic lettuce packed in a resealable plastic container to maintain its freshness comes in a different varieties of greens: Romaine, Iceberg, Curly, Lollo rosa, and Arrugula.
  • Organic Wine Gift Pack

    Organic Wine Gift Pack

    The organic wine gift pack has an elegant packaging and is best as a token, a gift for special or all occasion. Each gift pack comes with a custom made box that fits for any occasion. Surely a great quality of its own.


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  • Organic White Rice

    Organic White Rice

    Enjoy this sweetly scented, delicious variety of organic white rice – it’s the perfect addition to every meal.

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