About Negros Island Online Store

Welcome to Negros Island Online Store


The Online Store

Negros Island composes of different cities and municipalities each has its own products and delicacies. The store to its extent will deliver this native products online and will cater orders around the globe.

The store will bridge the gap for people and tourist out there who wants to own or taste the piece of Negrense’s specialty.


The Blog Site

The blog site will give information about the beautiful island of Negros, the different festivals and their products.

Our site aims to deliver tourism to our country and community awareness. Here at Negros Island we have a lot of beautiful places and festivals that needs to be uncovered.

The team is very thankful for the tools available (web, facebook, twitter etc) it made our vision more attainable than ever.


The Team

Our team composes of technical and talented people with years of experience in the field of e-commerce, web development and blogging.


Our Partners

Fresh Start Organics for such a wonderful quality products, proudly negrense made.


Fresh Start organic farms

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Organic Farm


Organic Farm


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