Organic, All Natural and Native Products

Welcome to Negros Island Online Store, an online store that proudly features the native products of the Negrenses. We value the hardwork of the island locals and we take pride of their creativeness and quality of work, thus we present them to you.

We primarily sell organic products such as massage oils, coffee, brown rice, wine, home care products and personal care products. These products are truly certified organic. On our furnitures we sell Vito product lines such as sea urchin lamp, pendant lamp and much more. Feel free to browse the site, each product is filled with rich content of what the product is all about. If you have questions or inquiries feel free to contact us or email us directly any time.


  • Organic Black Rice - Forbidden Rice

    Organic Black Rice - Forbidden Rice

    Organic black rice is an heirloom variety rich in dietary fiber, iron, zinc and antioxidants. Aside from its many health benefits, it also has an interesting sweet, nutty flavor.

  • Panong 3

    Panong 3

    Made out of natural materials, it is an underwater inspired 3 panel wall decor.
  • Body Butter

    Body Butter

    Made from all natural and organic nutrient rich-ingredients that is effective in hydrating by sealing in the moisture at the same time protecting the skin from free radicals
  • Organic Body Scrub

    Organic Body Scrub

    Made from all organic ingredients that helps exfoliate the skin leaving it to a smoother, younger looking
  • Organic Baby Products - Soothing Nappy Balm

    Organic Baby Products - Soothing Nappy Balm

    A barrier cream for babies that protects them from nappy rashes and soreness
  • Itcho's Oil

    Itcho's Oil

    A blend of powerful plant oils that effectively relieves dry and flacking skin caused by skin asthma, eczema and psoriasis
  • Pickled Organic Fruits and Vegetables

    Pickled Organic Fruits and Vegetables

    Made from Organic fruits and vegetables, preserved naturally to enhance its flavor and taste; Available in Squash and Papaya
  • Organic Fruits in Honey

    Organic Fruits in Honey

    Are freshly picked and organically grown fruits, preserved well in wild honey to serve its health purpose.; it comes in three variants: Bignay in Honey, Yacon in Honey and Rambutan in Honey.
  • Organic Coffee Mt. Kanlaon Premium Blend

    Organic Coffee Mt. Kanlaon Premium Blend

    The Mt. Kanlaon organic coffee has the variety of Arabica and Robusta blend which makes this product a premium blend.